Biogas and Solar Trilateral Cooperation Transitioning to Sustainable Energy uses in the Agro-Industry China –Ethiopia- SriLanka. (TrC Project)/South-South project

  • Developing capacity of stakeholders in the energy sector.
  • To assess the potential of RET in meeting energy needs in productive sectors such as public service delivery and the agro-industry.
  • Sharing Chinese knowledge and experience in biogas and solar energy for productive uses.
  • Determining suitable business models through South- south cooperation.


  • Implementation Area:
    1. Biogas and solar tech. installation in WolaitaSodo Univeristy.
    2. Solar power Pump irrigation in Amahara region in Mersa Site.
    3. Solar technology Installation in Harar primary school and Biogas unit in Shewangizaw Dairy  and Fattening farm.
  • Beneficiaries:

    Rural Households and Businesses in Ethiopia

  • Duration: Jan 01 2016 - Mar 12 2021
  • Budget: USD 2 Million