H.E Dr. Ing. Sultan Welle Ahmed

H.E Dr. Ing. Sultan Welle Ahmed

Energy Development

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One of the most important things in life is energy. Living without energy is unthinkable. We use energy every minute of our lives. It takes energy to cook or cool our food, to wash our clothes, to move from place to place, to communicate with people energy is very important. In addition to these energy is most important for transportation, industries, agricultures etc.

The most widely used energy source in our country is traditional because of these our citizens live in energy poverty. According to data, only 47 percent of our citizens have access to electricity. Therefore, by 2022, we are working to see Ethiopia, where modern energy supply is guaranteed for all citizens. The Ministry of Water and Energy is responsible for this.

Our Ministry is making changes in the energy sector to realize its vision and achieve its mission. It is reviewing its energy policy, which has been in place for more than a quarter of a century. A new energy reform document is also prepared to transform the sector and ensure the benefit of its citizens.

The supply of energy in our country will be greatly improved when the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the Koisha power plants are completed. It will also benefit the people of our country and the region by forcing strong ties with neighboring countries.

In addition to hydro power, the use of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal energy is required by hand; solar energy plays an important role, especially for the benefit of our citizens outside the national grid. It is also important to work on mini-hydro power generation.

To date, the government has been a major player in the generation, transmission and distribution of energy and a legal framework has been developed to ensure a secure supply of energy to the private public partnership (ppp), especially in the field of power generation and transmission.

Finally, I call on the federal government, state governments, development partners, private sector developers and our society in general to work together to achieve this. I believe that our efforts will succeed and that our citizens will emerge from darkness and begin to live their lives in the light!

Thank you!